I didn't see that one coming:

Do you ever feel like that?  Something happens and you find yourself saying "I didn't see that coming."  Sometimes life feels like that everyday.

Do you think we are meant to see everything that is coming our way?  I don't.  I often think of people who come down with a serious disease and wonder what they would have done differently had they known what was in store.  On the other had, I have been in that situation and wondered how I could have been more proactive in preventing it in the first place.  

Now I believe we are meant to have surprises in our lives.  We need the growth challenges bring.  They help us appreciate the better moments.  They crystalize what matters most.  Health, family, friends, abilities.  The list becomes endless when we find ourself in an unplanned circumstance.

As the years go by I realize how many of those unforeseen events turned out just fine.  While some really were big ones that I can still vividly recall, many have faded in significance as time has gone by.

So next time "you didn't see it coming" be grateful for the opportunity and strive to grow from it rather then resist or cave into it.

Oh yeah, no children were injured in the creating of this blog...