I wanted to win!!!

My neighborhood had a Christmas decorating contest which I really wanted to WIN...as of this writing I have not yet heard but have my doubts that I did.  I am not sure what has been with me but I have entered all sorts of contests this past year.  I haven't won any of them.  I found out I came close, but did not win.  Honestly it has really irked me.  I do learn things from each attempt.  Like focusing that inner voice and demanding more of myself.  It teaches me to try harder, keep going back and making sure the next try is even better.  Even if I never win anything my work is improving.  Just not my attitude about losing...

I want to share what did work with this:

I love a beautiful front door.  It sets the mood for your home.  It allows others to get a small glimpse into the possibilities of the inside of your home.  

Here again, I let color be my guide.  I love the warmth of greens with candles.  This looks as pretty in the day as in the night.

I also work in layers.  For ground, mid ground and background.  

I thought this too was equally as pretty in both the day and night

 I added a few surprises like this old wagon loaded with presents.  And luminaries which I love.


So in the end, every child in the neighborhood complimented me.  I have to remind myself they live the closest to being the most real of all of us.  So it was a win after all!