All Things Home

I like all things home.  Inside, outside, families, pets, friends and professions.  All things combine to make the environments we call home.  I do believe all good things can begin when we open the door and walk into the spaces which make up our life.

I work as a designer helping people love the spaces they live in.  With a primary focus on color, I create palettes which are timeless.  I strive to build an environment which can be enjoyed for many years.  I believe people come first so whatever is chosen needs to lend itself to the patterns and needs of those using it firsthand.  I want people to be happy in their homes.  To find them a refuge from the outside world where they can be themselves.


If we seek true peace in this hectic world, it often is found in the confines of our spaces.

Going along with my love of home is a belief in letting our talents grow along with us.  For years I have taken classes and studied different aspects of art.  I am finally willing to present them to others for their enjoyment.  So within my website will be paintings and such which I also sell.  I hope you enjoy them.  It is still a journey as I am constantly trying new things.  But it is a happy pursuit.

 I am focusing more on oil, watercolor and drawing as I move farther towards creating my own style.  I often paint on location in local areas.  Everything from the local park to flower displays in grocery stores.  I find many things intriguing.

I put a studio up in the top floor of my home thinking it would motivate me to paint all the time, but it actually took me a few seasons to get up there and work.  I moved it into the kitchen last fall thinking I could paint more if I was around the everyday parts of my life.  I did for a bit then eventually I found my kitchen was often messy and I had to clean up for guests which meant carrying it all back up three stories to the studio.  Now I just have it up there.  The rest of the house stays clean and I paint more.  I guess we all have to find our best processes and what makes us the most productive.

I have begun to challenge myself by entering juried shows.  I find it helps to have a little pressure and intent.

Please also take time to check out my blog.  I write of "All Things Home..."